This is a book about the power of a promise. Esther’s inspiring journey will give hope to those who are struggling to find a way through the pain of addiction, abuse and grief.

With vivid storytelling and raw honesty, Esther shares how a sense of emptiness caused her to look for love, acceptance and meaning in all the wrong places. She was searching for a saviour, but alcohol became a cruel master and an unfaithful friend. 

Spiraling deeper and deeper into the darkness of addiction she finally fell to her knees in desperation, not wanting to live with – or die from – the alcohol that was controlling her life. She cried out to God for help and light entered into her darkness.

Then Esther experienced every parent’s worst nightmare as her eldest son, Lee, was brutally stabbed to death. In a single moment her whole world would be changed forever.

Bravely she fought through the toughest storm of her life. With God’s help she was able to forgive those who murdered her son and began to live free from the hatred and bitterness that threatened to consume her.

Rising from the ashes, Esther then fell in love with her soul mate, Davie. They battled together through grief and addiction until his life was cruelly but short and grief entered her world all over again.

This is the story of Esther’s battle with addiction, love and loss and how a promise helped her stay on the road that led back to life.