For nearly 6 years I was employed in the publishing industry. Over this time I copy-edited and proofread just under 200 titles. I also had the immense honour of working on Esther’s magnificent book.

Esther’s Promise is without doubt one of the most powerful books I have ever read, let alone worked on. It was extremely painful to read her manuscript at times (and that’s not just because I am lucky enough to know Esther) and it was hard going (because Esther’s writing style is VERY visual and descriptive).

I love the way Esther’s Promise takes the reader on a roller coaster of extreme emotions – despair, pain, joy and hope in equal measure. And I was immediately astonished at Esther’s writing style- it is like watching events in real time, and incredible for any author. Especially a first time author. Amazing!

If anyone reading this has not yet bought a copy – BUY one, and then another one to give as a gift to a loved one… it is the ultimate story of faith, triumph over tragedy, and HOPE. And it’s bloody brilliant!! Well done Esther! 

Very raw true emotional journey of love, conflict, faith and trust. Brilliant book of some brutal times and also rewarding. Highly recommended.

I’ve just read your book for a second time and was truly touched and inspired all over again. Such relatable honesty and humbleness from start to finish. Esther, you often talk about life’s true angels. By sharing your experiences, suffering, love and healing, I believe you are one of life’s angels too! Thank you!

While in lockdown I thought to use my time and get back into books. Esther’s promise was one of the best books I’ve ever read. You felt like you were with her as she went through the different stages of her life! Very emotional but worth every tear.